Map with Ammon Idaho

Boyle Family Dental

Boyle Family Dental is a dentist in Ammon, ID. Our firm offers a service that will quickly make it feel like your home away from home. The team at Boyle Family Dental make their patients feel at ease, ensuring they are well informed and confident before having their treatment. 

Many services are provided at Boyle Family Dental in Ammon, ID. This includes cleanings, exams, personalized treatment plans, fillings, root canals, and even treatment for anxious patients. The team at Boyle Family Dental understand that for whatever reason, some patients may not like the dentist. In these cases, nitrous oxide can be used to alleviate fears. Cosmetic treatments and emergencies can also be handled at the Boyle Family Dental clinic. 


About the Area

Boyle Family Dental is located near Ammon, ID. Ammon can be found directly east of Idaho Falls. This is a city in the Upper Snake River Valley and close by the Caribou National Forest and the Blackfoot Mountains range. 

Residents of Ammon get to enjoy the 9 parks located here, highlighted by the 18 acre McCowin park. It’s also worth noting that the community is growing thanks to open space for affordable residential housing, not to mention a strong regional job market. The city recently installed a high-speed fiber optic system throughout the community, so connecting to the internet is never an issue. Boyle Family Dental love Ammon and want the residents to receive the best dental care out there, which is why the team provide such a thorough service.