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About Boyle Dental

Family by name, family by nature! When we aim to make your teeth as gleaming and healthy as possible, we work at providing a pleasant experience, almost as if you were spending time with your family! It can be difficult in Idaho Falls to find a general dentist that makes you feel relaxed and safe in the knowledge that your teeth are being taken care of as best as possible. At Boyle Family Dental, we provide many services to ensure that you get the service you require but also have that family-friendly experience when you visit us.

We provide services within general dentistry for our patients. As well as the standard treatments like exams and cleanings, fillings and extractions, we also work with the more complex cases, like root canals. We can also put your nerves at bay if you don’t sit so easily in the dentist’s chair by giving you nitrous oxide as well as prescription medications. Our personalized treatment plans make sure that you have the best service that’s for your needs. And if you’ve got children, we know how difficult it can be as a parent of an anxious child, which is why we pride ourselves on having a family-friendly

environment. You can sit in our special waiting area where the children can just have a good time and be kids, rather than sitting there waiting nervously for some stranger to examine their mouth. There’s also a treasure box full of surprises for each visit, and, most importantly, our staff know very well how to put children’s minds at ease.

About Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is one of the greatest backdrops of America. There are plenty of opportunities to get out there and experience nature. From Yellowstone national park to Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, if you’re looking for a natural outdoor experience, Idaho Falls isn’t just a place for you to find the best general dentist. As a place to live, Idaho Falls is a place that exudes friendliness. You can’t go around the corner without a friendly face smiling at you. Unsurprisingly, it’s considered one of the best places to live in the USA. As a community, 

Idaho Falls has that spirit, which we try to present in our dentist practice. But it’s not just about the community spirit, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. As you would expect, there’s plenty for young children to do. As well as there being plenty of zoos and culture for the little ones, there’s a minor league baseball team, as well as a first-class education.

If you’re looking for an Idaho Falls dentist that is part of the community, puts your children at ease, and makes you feel like part of the family, here at Boyle Family Dental, we take it upon ourselves to bring that community spirit out off the street and into the clinic. We do what we can to make you feel part of the family while solving your dental problems and keeping your kids happy. This is why we are family by name and family by nature!